Recent scientific studies using complex ERP/QEEG techniques have detected brainwave signatures for many neurological purposes. These scientific advances have now been translated into an easy-to-use system to rapidly test and evaluate these signals in patients and clinical study subjects. The COGNISION® System automatically performs a selection of standardized ERP/QEEG tests, and then uses proprietary AI algorithms to quantify the subject’s brainwave signatures.

Advanced Features include:

  • Wireless, batter-powered system for use in any office environment
  • Subject-friendly headset fits a large range of head sizes
  • Calibrated insert earphones ensure consistent auditory stimuli
  • Active electrodes provide high SNR and fewer artifacts
  • Integrated action buttons for subject responses
  • Convenient Hydro-Dot® Biosensors are easy to apply and deliver very low skin contact impedance

Technical Specifications:

  • Channels: Fz, Cz, Pz, F3, P3, F4, P4, M1, M2
  • Sampling Rate: 250 samples/sec
  • Band Pass: 0.3-70Hz
  • CMRR (50/60 Hz): >130dB
  • Noise (RTI): <1 μVRMS
  • Power: Li-ion Battery
  • Data Communication: Bluetooth