1 in 4 Patients With Cognitive Disorders is Misdiagnosed

COGNISION® is cleared by the FDA. COGNISION® is an objective biomarker system that offers clarity in a field of complexity. By facilitating an objective evaluation of patients with cognitive disorders, COGNISION® helps neurologists and other physicians differentiate between dementia and depression, track disease progression and assess overall cognitive deficits associated with dementia and concussion/mTBI.

How COGNISION® Helps Physicians Help Patients

Is it dementia or depression? Is the patient ready to return to their environment post head injury? COGNISION® helps physicians answer these questions and more by objectively measuring cognitive deficits and providing physicians with the clarity they need to better care for their patients.

10 minute setup
5 minute pure-tone audiometry
25 minute ERP/qEEG tests
5 minute cleanup

How It Works

By placing the device headset on the surface of the scalp, COGNISION® measures electrical activity in the brain responsible for cognitive function. The device rapidly evaluates working memory, focal attention, executive function and brain processing speed through Event Related Potential (ERP) and quantitative EEG (qEEG) tests. A real-time, ready-to-read patient report is produced at the end of the testing session.

Helpful For

  • Differentiating dementia from depression
  • Detecting deficits in the brain early in the disease process
  • Tracking disease progression over time
  • Demonstrating medications are working
  • Facilitating better return to environment decisions post head injury
  • Predicting disease course and outcome after a concussion or TBI

"I have been using COGNISION® since 2016. It’s been an excellent tool added to my practice in evaluation of cognition. I find it can corroborate subtle cognitive changes as well as help monitor them too. It's a very useful metric to have at your disposal in a general or behavior neurological practice. Patients tolerate the testing very well in our office and our technologist has found it very user friendly with excellent support for any questions that may arise."

Igor Levy-Reis, MD
Neurology: Spine Care and Rehabilitation
NASA Neuroscience and Spine Associates, P.L.
Naples, Florida

Utilized by universities, major healthcare systems, private practices, hospitals, health systems and global clinical trials.

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Easy To Use

COGNISION® set up takes 10 minutes or less. Any technician can be trained in less than 3 hours and there are no upfront acquisition costs.

Convenient Features

  • Portable, wireless operation, and can be used in any clinical setting
  • Advanced active electrodes that produce high-quality data in any testing environment
  • Convenient HydroDot® biosensors designed for easy, rapid set-up with minimal clean-up
  • Subject-friendly headset fits a range of head sizes
  • No upfront acquisition costs

Proven Reimbursement

Clients from around the country have successfully received reimbursement from both Medicare and commercial payors. Clients are charged on a per-test basis.

Validating Event Related Potential (ERP) Markers of Alzheimer's Disease in Outpatient Settings
103 Subjects
101 Controls
7 Test Sites

Learn how COGNISION® was used to validate Event Related Potential (ERP) markers for neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

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"COGNISION® has been a useful tool in my outpatient neurology practice for helping narrow down the differential diagnosis of dementia in our patients with co-morbid psychiatric disorders such as depression. The availability of this testing (done in our office and by our office staff) is a definite benefit to our patients. The Neuronetrix Customer service has been very helpful with any questions or difficulties we encountered and are always readily available."

Salam Zughayer, M.D.
Key Neurology
Frederick, MD

Utilized by universities, major healthcare systems, private practices, hospitals, health systems and global clinical trials.

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