Advantages of COGNISION® Biomarkers

  • Primary physiologic measure of the synchronous, large-scale synaptic activity underlying all brain functions
  • More proximal to disease pathology and pharmacological intervention than psychometric measures
  • Sensitive to many of the effects of psychotropic or acute-acting CNS compounds
  • Unaffected by habituation and can be measured repeatedly without learning effects
  • Sensitive measure of disease progression for monitoring chronic conditions

Practical to Operationalize in Multi-site Clinical Trials

  • COGNISION® allows for testing protocols tailored to the investigational drug mechanism of action and/or cognitive deficits specific to the target population.
  • COGNISION® uses advanced active electrodes that produce high quality data in any testing environment, ensuring consistent data quality across clinical study sites and reducing inter-site variability.
  • COGNISION® automatically loads new protocols in real time, can quickly run additional protocols within the same system and has strong test and re-test reliability.
  • COGNISION® provides automated data analysis that allows for rapid evaluation of treatment effects when needed, such as in adaptive studies.

Proven Reimbursement

  • Support included
  • No upfront cost
  • Low monthly cost
  • No long-term contract