One of the main challenges in the development of effective pro-cognitive treatments is the ability to accurately assess the level of a patient’s cognitive dysfunction or any pro-cognitive changes due to therapeutic intervention.

Thanks to the latest electronic sensor design, advanced signal processing, and web-based data management, ERP and qEEG testing can now provide objective, sensitive and reliable physiological measures of cognitive function that can be practically applied throughout the drug development process.

COGNISION® makes implementation of ERP and qEEG testing in clinical trials practical and scalable through a fully integrated hardware/software platform.

How COGNISION® Helps Clinical Trials

Complete Flexibility In Test Design

COGNISION® allows for testing protocols tailored to the investigational drug mechanism of action and/or cognitive deficits specific to the target population.


Easy and Fast Set Up

COGNISION® is practical to operate even for users with minimal electrophysiology training, thus providing maximum flexibility in clinical study sites selection.


Consistent Results Across Clinical Study Sites

COGNISION® uses advanced active electrodes that produce high quality data in any testing environment, ensuring consistent data quality across clinical study sites and reducing inter-site variability.


Writes Clinical Protocols in Real Time

COGNISION® automatically loads new protocols in real time, can quickly run additional protocols within the same system and has strong test and re-test reliability.


Results Are Available Real Time

COGNISION® provides automated data analysis that allows for rapid evaluation of treatment effects when needed, such as in adaptive studies.


Available For Global Clinical Trial Use

COGNISION® can be used at any number of test sites and has facilitated large-scale global clinical trials as far away as Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.


Centralized Storage Of Data

COGNISION® uses cloud-based software for data sharing that provides authorized study personnel with centralized access to data and documents in multi-center studies.

"The COGNISION® system has been instrumental in providing our program with functional electrophysiological data to improve not only detection of cognitive impairment but has also aided in the differential diagnosis for our patients."

James Galvin, MD, MPH
Associate Dean for Clinical Research
Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine
Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton, FL

Utilized by universities, major healthcare systems, private practices, hospitals, health systems and global clinical trials.

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Advantages of COGNISION® Biomarkers

  • Primary physiologic measure of the synchronous, large-scale synaptic activity underlying all brain functions
  • More proximal to disease pathology and pharmacological intervention than psychometric measures
  • Sensitive to many of the effects of psychotropic or acute-acting CNS compounds
  • Unaffected by habituation and can be measured repeatedly without learning effects
  • Sensitive measure of disease progression for monitoring chronic conditions
  • Translational measures with direct animal/human correlates