Validating Event Related Potential (ERP) Markers of Alzheimer's Disease in Outpatient Settings
103 subjects
101 controls
7 test sites

The purpose of this clinical trial was to investigate if Event Related Potentials (ERP) collected in outpatient settings, and analyzed with standardized methods can provide a sensitive and reliable measure of the cognitive deficits associated with early Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

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"We received a grant from Neuronetrix as part of their grant competition program to begin a demonstration project on the utility of using the COGNISION® System. Our research work was in low and middle-income countries, specifically Sub-Saharan Africa. The Neuronetrix staff was very helpful in working with us to set up the system to ensure it would work optimally in the field. We were able to show that the system was very user-friendly and easy to learn for our local research assistants. It was also very resistant to issues with interference, grounding and even sounds from busy clinics in the next room. On an individual basis, we were able to see differences between patients with significant neurological conditions and healthy controls, and also to see potential differences between small groups of older HIV patients in comparisons to older controls. Data is also promising in the system’s ability to demonstrate possible brain changes following computer-based cognitive training and other interventions in the field. Overall, the system appears to be very dependable and able to be used even in more difficult, remote areas. For clinical trials or other research in cross-cultural settings when local languages can vary so much, the COGNISION® System presents an important option for research-based direct, biological measurements. "

Bruno Giordani, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology, and Psychology and School Nursing
Chief Psychologist, Psychiatry
Associate Director, Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center (MADC)
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Utilized by universities, major healthcare systems, private practices, hospitals, health systems and global clinical trials.

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