Cognitive psychology and clinical neuroscience disciplines aim to understand how the brain processes information. While human cognition researchers have access to a broad range of technologies, the most direct way to measure many fundamental cognitive processes is by using COGNISION®COGNISION® uses quantitative EEG (qEEG) and Event Related Potential (ERP) tests to record and analyze the brain’s electrical activity, both at rest and when responding to external stimuli.

How COGNISION® Helps Cognitive Researchers

COGNISION® facilitates complex qEEG and ERP testing through a platform that has many unique benefits when compared to other systems. Advantages include:

  • High-quality data available in any testing environment
  • Convenient biosensors designed for easy, rapid set-up with minimal clean-up
  • Portable, wireless operation that can be used in any clinical setting
  • Sophisticated protocol development application for flexible test design
  • Automated data analysis for rapid evaluation of test results
  • Cloud-based software for data sharing in multi-center studies