LOUISVILLE (October 29, 2015)

Neuronetrix announced today that it has joined pharma giants Lilly, Roche, Lundbeck, Janssen, and others to sponsor the 8th Annual Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD), www.ctad-alzheimers.com, November 5-7 in Barcelona Spain. The conference brings together more than 800 global researchers to review the most important and promising developments on the understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and possible therapeutic options. Clinical trial teams from around the world will report on their efforts to identify new biomarkers, discover more sensitive tools to identify those at risk for the disease, and assess the effectiveness of new treatments.

Sponsorship participation in this program will provide broad exposure for Neuronetrix and its breakthrough neurodiagnostic product, COGNISION™. At least one oral presentation will discuss the use of COGNISION™ in a therapeutic trial with Alzheimer’s patients. “Participation in promising and important clinical trials is a key strategy to help promote the use of COGNISION™ to diagnose patients in community settings,” said K.C. Fadem, CEO of Neuronetrix. “Academic and industry sponsored studies like those presented at CTAD provide the necessary clinical validation for private practice physicians.”

The COGNISION™ System has recently become available for clinical use and is already in the hands of neurologists in California, Florida, Massachusetts, and elsewhere. These physicians now have the ability to evaluate cognitive deficits in their office using techniques that until now were only available in academic research settings. The company is continuing to expand the commercial rollout of COGNISION™ whose use by clinical specialists is reimbursable by primary payers.