Louisville, KY (October 25, 2011)

Neuronetrix today announced their sponsorship of CTAD 2011 (Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease) to be held November 3-5 in San Diego, CA. CTAD will be attended by some 500 leading Alzheimer’s researchers, clinicians, and pharmaceutical representatives from around the world. A new focus this year will be a panel discussion entitled “Event-Related Potential Biomarkers for Early Diagnosis and Treatment Trials of Alzheimer’s Disease”.

This symposium, which leads off day 2 of the conference, will be chaired by Dr. Lon Schneider, Director of the USC Alzheimer’s Disease Research and Clinical Center, and Dr. Andrew Budson, Director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Research and Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Boston University. The presenters will include: Dr. John Olichney from UC Davis, Dr. Steven Leiser from Lundbeck Research USA, Dr. Marta Segerdahl from AstraZeneca R&D, and Dr. Karim Bennys from Montpellier University Hospital, France.

“This is a great opportunity for Neuronetrix to introduce our COGNISION™ ERP System to some of the leading Alzheimer’s researchers and pharmaceutical executives in the context of a strategic scientific program,” said K.C. Fadem, President of Neuronetrix. “It’s clear that there is a heightened interest in technology like ours for use in Alzheimer’s disease therapeutic trials. We hope Neuronetrix can make an important and significant impact in the search for a treatment for this terrible disease.”

Event-related potentials (ERPs) provide a direct physiologic measure of cognitive processing and have shown promise as a biomarker for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. ERP biomarkers may also provide an accurate method to track disease progression and for quickly evaluating drug response in clinical trials. Neuronetrix’s COGNISION™ System is a proprietary ERP (event-related potential) platform which can be used by academic and clinical researchers in investigations of many cognitive processes and neurological disorders. The COGNISION™ System The COGNISION™ System NEURONETRIX PRESS RELEASE Page 2 of 2 includes a user-friendly device to record electroencephalographic (EEG) data and an online database to store subject information. The system combines many useful and unique features, which are detailed in the COGNISION™ Product Brochure.